How to Lose Belly Fat after Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is among the most beautiful and special moments in the life of any woman.

Among the irreversible effects due to childbirth appears in the first line becomes soft belly, fat and released. To lose belly fat, here are some tips.

Belly released, a problem for all moms

After delivery, the problem appears similar for all women. The uterus has not yet returned to its original size and consequently generates a belly too fat, ugly redundant skin in the abdomen, short silhouette transformed. The problem of loose belly does not disappear easily, and can be solved several weeks or months after the baby is born. The first thing to do is revise your eating habits. Note, however, start a diet too strict is not recommended for breastfeeding women. Indeed, it needs enough energy during this period in order to ensure not only their nutritional needs, but also essential to the production of breast milk.

Favor a balanced diet

The diet of the mother should stay well balanced and varied. The golden rule is to eat everything and focus on certain foods such as meat, fish, fruits, dairy products and green vegetables. Avoid sweets and meats and forget the munchies! Moreover, it is also essential to involve your diet with regular physical activity. Prefer soft sports such as Pilates, yoga. It is strongly recommended to begin intensive physical activity without having fully completed rehabilitation. If the maintenance of abdominal exercise remains the most effective way to lose belly however, they are classified as intensive practices that undermine the perineum.

The rolling massage to take care of women’s belly

Massage the belly or rolling massage, also plays an important role to flatten this essential part of the body. Moms will be able to take a few minutes per day to achieve a rolling massage at home. The technique is very simple. Just pinch with both hands to deal with areas between the thumb and fingers. Then, without releasing, roll the skin under your finger from bottom to the top. For more efficiently, consider applying a cream or oil slimming. In addition, the stomach may blush, but assured, the method remains very effective.