5 Simple Dietary Advices to Lose Fat from Belly

how-to-lose-fat-from-bellyBe aware that for many people, the belly fat is the last to leave. They exercise, eat well, and maybe even take dietary supplements to burn fat … but the belly fat remains no less.

Before you give up on your fitness and weight loss goals, make sure you are aware of the 5 simple rules of nutrition described below, and are integrated into your normal diet plan. Each of these tips, by itself, can help you lose weight. But to get rid of your belly fat – and keep it off for good – you’ll probably have to adhere to all of them. Not always easy to do, but worth it!


1. Avoid low-quality calories

To lose body fat, you must learn to avoid “low quality” calories – calories that provide little or no healthy food – as much as possible. This includes almost all foods and beverages made large amounts of refined sugars and / or refined flour. Most processed foods fall into this category, including almost all food “snack”, candy, sodas, soft drinks, etc. These foods have very negative effects on your levels of blood sugar and insulin production


2. Always choose a healthier alternative

Learn to identify safer alternatives to all your favorite foods … and then always choose these alternatives. For example, choose whole grain breads more “white” breads. The same goes for pasta, cereals and other baked goods. Choose grilled or baked your favorite meat dishes over fried versions. When you’re in a restaurant, choose a healthy side – such as salad, soup, fruit salad, etc. – on the French fries. Remember that every time you choose a healthier alternative that you are one step closer to reducing your belly fat and get the body you want.


3. Eat 5-10 servings of fruits and vegetables per day

If you’re wondering how to lose belly fat, the answer may be staring at you from your fruit drawer of the refrigerator. Eating large quantities of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables on a daily basis is key to fast, healthy weight loss. These rich “watery” foods fibers are literally the best carbs you can eat because your body is extremely good deal … plus they provide all the nutrients you need to lose fat. Eat them often during the day and you will feel less hungry and even more energy.


4. Eat plenty of lean protein

When you try to lose weight, many people make the mistake of eating more carbohydrate-rich foods while reducing their meat and protein intake. In fact, lean proteins should be the foundation of your diet. In fact, you should try to include some form of protein in every meal and snack you eat. This will help keep your blood sugar stable, while making you feel fuller, increase your energy and help you burn fat belly. Good choices of lean protein are lean meats, eggs, low fat dairy products, and whey protein powder.


5. Eat frequently, but in moderation

Most successful people get rid of their abdominal fat – and keep it off over time – learning to eat often, but in moderation. Essentially, they eat several small meals and snacks a day balanced. By eating a relatively small amount of calories every few hours you prevent getting hungry and overeating at every meal one. Moreover, you keep your metabolism in high gear, which greatly helps the process of fat loss. If you are unable to get rid of your stubborn belly fat, it may be because you eat two or three large dishes daily.