Best Cardio Exercises to Lose Fat from Belly


We all know that one of the best ways to burn stomach fat is to engage in rigorous exercises cardiovascular. So what are the best cardio exercises to lose belly fat?

In this article I want to share some thoughts on how you can actually create a cardio workout, without traditional cardio.


  • For example, you can get a massive stimulation of cardiovascular workouts by circuit. Circuit training is a workout in which you mostly do strength exercises, but during the rest time between sets, you do some form of cardio workout, like jumping rope, sprinting on a conveyor belt, and so on.


  • When you do circuit training, you are basically pushing your body much harder than any training any other session. You get a cardio workout and strength workout at the same time, a powerful combination of fat burning.


  • Another way that you can make powerful and nontraditional cardio exercises to lose belly fat is to do supersets. This technique also consists on not to rest between sets. I speak of the upper body – lower body supersets. With this technique, you play a higher body exercise such as pumps and move immediately to a lower body exercise like a squat. You continue with another upper body exercise, such as loop biceps and another lower body such as the slot.


  • In doing this kind of super, you are once again pushing your body to their limit (which is why I recommend that you consult your coach before doing this) which creates a cardio stimulation that can burn a lot of body fat.


  • Of course, you can and should do cardio exercises to burn belly fat more traditional. The key is intensity. Without intensity, your workouts will be close to nothing, the effect will be minimal and you will not get the results you want.


  • I recommend sticking to the most rigorous workouts such as running, rowing, kickboxing, and avoid less rigorous cardio like the elliptical machine and the stationary bike. You want to burn fat in a possible shortest possible time, so the intensity of your workout is the key. It’s just easier to get a high level of intensity in training more rigorous.


There are a number of ways to make powerful cardio workout. I love how you can use strength training to get cardio stimulation and also the more rigorous traditional training.