How to Lose Fat from Belly starting from Breakfast

You know, to finally see your lap belt, you must lose the fat covering your stomach. We’ll see how to start the day in good shape, with a breakfast abdominal fat burner.

During the night, your body goes into “energy saving” mode. For 6 to 8 hours, it receives no food and naturally reduces its metabolic activity.

That is why, in the morning, you must provide your body with quality food to reactivate the metabolism.

Lose Fat from Belly starting from breakfast

An ideal breakfast should:

  • Activate your metabolism so you burn more fat
  • You avoid cravings so you do not throw the food at noon
  • Provide enough energy for the whole morning fishing


Nowadays, many people “forget” to eat breakfast and simply swallow a quick coffee. Do this and you will feel soft and with a slowed metabolism. You can say goodbye to the dream abs you want. Start the day without breakfast is very disabling for your fat burner diet.

The human body is programmed to survive. For him, a long time without food is a danger. Then automatically slows down your metabolism to conserve calories. It is a reflex inked in our genes that protected our ancestors during periods of famine…

This is why, to lose fat from belly and fat in general, you should never skip meals. What you need to do is provide your body with regular small amounts of quality food to maintain a high enough metabolisms to enable the use of stored fat.


Breakfast to Lose Belly Fat


  • Take a dose of whole grain oat flake-like, such as muesli. They provide carbohydrates that give you energy until noon and a healthy dose of dietary fiber. This type of sugar added cereal has a very low impact on blood sugar and thus causes much lower than sugar cereals such as corn balls or puffed rice insulin production.
  • Accompany a good bowl of skim milk (source of protein and calcium) and cereals do not forget to add a compressed multi-vitamins and minerals.
  • A very important point is to add to your breakfast a shaker of protein powder. If you think that protein supplements are just for bodybuilders, review your opinion:
  • The protein will help you maintain or increase your muscle mass, and this is a good thing. Muscle burns fat alone. More muscular you are, the more fat removal is easy. In addition, the protein will give you a feeling of satiety which is very important not to snack between meals.


  • To be sure to burn fat in the morning, so you should take a dose of approximately 20/25 grams of whey protein with your breakfast.