Lose Fat from Belly by Colon Cleansing

Colon cleansing can help you lose fat from belly in a natural way and that too at a steady pace. This process can easily take the most stubborn fat in your abdominal area.


Colon cleansing and its benefits:

  • There are different methods for colon cleansing. Enema is the most effective way for discarding toxic substances from your body. This is mainly hot water to clean your colon. In this process, water is introduced into the colon through the anus. The whole process can take 40-45 minutes. This procedure is extremely beneficial to stimulate digestion. Detoxification of the body is also used to treat constipation. It is always advisable to do colon cleansing at least once a year.


  • Body detox also includes fruits and vegetables. You can perform the cleaning juice fasting. Usually fruits and vegetables contain lots of fiber, which can easily remove toxins from your body. They can also soften your stool. The overall health is benefited from this scheme. You must include a lot of fruit salads and vegetables and juices in your nutrition plan.


  • In order to lose 5-7 pounds of fat naturally, you can take a sauna bath. It is also a technical body detox.


  • Pleasures of the body with a good spa can be a great way to get rid of these harmful toxins. You can indulge in a luxurious massage therapy to soothe your senses.


  • It is always advisable to avoid junk food and oily. To eliminate this stubborn fat from belly, you should engage in healthy foods.


  • Avoid tobacco and alcohol during detoxification of the body. Red meat and dairy products should also be avoided for the Elimination of 5-7 pounds of stomach fat.

How to Lose Belly Fat after Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is among the most beautiful and special moments in the life of any woman.

Among the irreversible effects due to childbirth appears in the first line becomes soft belly, fat and released. To lose belly fat, here are some tips.

Belly released, a problem for all moms

After delivery, the problem appears similar for all women. The uterus has not yet returned to its original size and consequently generates a belly too fat, ugly redundant skin in the abdomen, short silhouette transformed. The problem of loose belly does not disappear easily, and can be solved several weeks or months after the baby is born. The first thing to do is revise your eating habits. Note, however, start a diet too strict is not recommended for breastfeeding women. Indeed, it needs enough energy during this period in order to ensure not only their nutritional needs, but also essential to the production of breast milk.

Favor a balanced diet

The diet of the mother should stay well balanced and varied. The golden rule is to eat everything and focus on certain foods such as meat, fish, fruits, dairy products and green vegetables. Avoid sweets and meats and forget the munchies! Moreover, it is also essential to involve your diet with regular physical activity. Prefer soft sports such as Pilates, yoga. It is strongly recommended to begin intensive physical activity without having fully completed rehabilitation. If the maintenance of abdominal exercise remains the most effective way to lose belly however, they are classified as intensive practices that undermine the perineum.

The rolling massage to take care of women’s belly

Massage the belly or rolling massage, also plays an important role to flatten this essential part of the body. Moms will be able to take a few minutes per day to achieve a rolling massage at home. The technique is very simple. Just pinch with both hands to deal with areas between the thumb and fingers. Then, without releasing, roll the skin under your finger from bottom to the top. For more efficiently, consider applying a cream or oil slimming. In addition, the stomach may blush, but assured, the method remains very effective.


Why you have Fat on Belly?

Many people think it comes from a poor diet or lack of exercise. While this may be the most common case, there may also be other reasons



After menopause in women, fat begins to store in different places and often focuses around the belly.

 Belly fat


Stress does not just make your belly bigger; it can make the body bigger if you’re not careful. When you are stressed, your body releases the hormone cortisol, in turn; this hormone stimulates increased blood glucose (sugar) that your body does not really need. Therefore, you start to feel hungry and start eating. And guess what … a large number of calories go directly to your stomach


The Poor digestion

(This can also be caused by stress). Poor digestion due to stress can cause several types of gastrointestinal problems, such as gas and bloating. Many people who complain of persistent belly fat often have gas that causes bloating effect.


A low metabolism

As we age, our metabolism tends to slow down. This means that you do not burn calories as quickly or as easily as you did when you were younger. A low metabolism can also lead to extra fat storage … especially in the middle of your body


Eating late at night

If you want to control the belly fat, you should never eat for two or three hours before going to bed. Give a chance to your food to be fully digested.

Go to bed with a full stomach puts you at higher risk (in addition to storage of fat in the abdomen). If you snack late at night, better get something healthy, like a banana or a handful of almonds.